1. If you don’t have an account, register it in JuicyAds.com

2. Add your site.

3. Copy ‘Backurl’ in AdSpyglass webmaster panel.

4. Insert Backurl to the field ‘Return URL’.

Import creatives to AdSpyglass

5. Press the button ‘Generate Encoded Link’. Below you will see direct link for our system, it will be generated automatically. Save this link, you will use it later.

If after pressing the button ‘Generate Encoded Link’ you will see the title ‘This feature is only available for approved clients with exceptional websites. Contact somebody@juicyads.com to apply’ – you need to write on this email and say that you work with AdSpyglass. They will give you the direct link.

6. Add login and password in AdSpyglass webmaster panel.

7. You should add your websites in AdSpyglass webmaster panel, if you haven’t added them yet.

8. You should already have one campaign in AdSpyglass webmaster panel in section ‘Campaigns’
pu_all – without any filters

9. After that in section ‘Campaigns’ press the button ‘Import creatives from Ad Networks’ and add creatives (‘Ad zone’) to your campaign.

10. Unfortunately, JuicyAds doesn’t provide us with CPM for banners with breakdown by countries, so we can’t sort them out.

P.S. Please, follow the Guide in AdSpyglass webmaster panel. Here you can always find step-by-step personal recommendations for successful setup of your ASG account.

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