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Why do I have low CPM/Income or High discrepancy?
Why do I have low CPM/Income or High discrepancy?
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After you’ve placed AdSpyglass codes on your website, Ad Networks start competing for your traffic.

At the very beginning, if working with new Ad Zones/Ad Networks, sometimes they are not ready to buy all of your traffic by the highest CPM.

Moreover, traffic is different and some Ad Networks may perform better for one traffic and worse for another. So, our main goal is to find the best setup for you.

Usually, it takes 5-7 days. For this period Ad networks will analyze your traffic and give a real CPM. Thus, all our Publishers earn more money with us, rather than working with any other single Ad Network.

If you’re faced with a “low CPM/low income/high discrepancy” problem immediately contact our Support Team on Live chat or at

Be patient and let us do our best to help you to gain maximum profit from your traffic!

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