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Payment terms for the Marketplace activity
Payment terms for the Marketplace activity
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As you have already seen, after working with us for a while, using our Marketplace, that after pressing balance, one balance (in the top right corner) is showing that you have already earned and another one (in the middle) shows 0$:

One in the top right corner (1) shows expected payouts and one in the middle (2) shows how much we have already received from ad networks and that's exactly how much you will get in the upcoming payment period.

Please make sure to choose the most convenient payment frequency for you within the Withdrawal options settings:

  • bi-weekly;

  • monthly;

  • upon manual request.

Once the payment is collected from Ad networks, your Balance and Funds available for the payout will be updated automatically based on the Net terms. You can check the Net terms by Ad Network within the Marketplace section:

Net 7 means that the buyer has 7 days after the end of the billed period to provide payment.

Don't worry, in 99% percent of cases what you have in Balance (expected payouts) will be paid to you.

We need to mention that there are some factors that can affect the timing of payments such as technical issues, investigation of the reason of statistic discrepancy between an ad network and our system, a vacation of the responsible person from the end of the ad network (in case if the payment process is not automated) and etc. but we do our best to decrease the probability of these factors.

If you have any urgent questions you can leave your message in chat on our website

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