The next step for every user of the AdSpyglass mediation system should be the linking of Ad Networks.

  To link Ad Networks means to authenticate your Ad Network publisher's profile at the AdSpyglass Mediation system to let it receive the ads from all of your accounts and show them simultaneously at your website.

It is needed to establish the connection between Networks and AdSpyglass to let our system receive, analyze, and show your ads.

Note: Feel free to add as many accounts as you want. Since AdSpyglass can rotate ads from different networks at the same time, there are no limits by the amount of linked Ad Networks. So, it is right for you to have several of them in terms of maximizing your profit.

Let us demonstrate to you an example of linking the Exoclick account.

First, we need to navigate to the "Ad Networks" section and find the required network's label. Press "Link" to proceed further.

Great! The next step is inserting the Login and API token (or password) of your account. Then, just press "Save".

As soon as the process is completed, you'll be redirected to the "Ad Networks" section with a notice about successful credentials validation.

First, we need to navigate to the

We've just shown you a full process of linking one AdNetwork. We've already done the same thing with another one - TwinRed.

So, let's move forward, keeping in mind that we already have two network accounts linked.

And as we said, it's in your interest to connect as many networks as possible for better performance.

You can register new ones by clicking ‘Get account’. We have a full step-by-step guide for each network, you may find it in our collection Ad Networks Manuals.

We strongly encrypt all your passwords before saving them in a database with AES-256-CBC. Encryption keys are stored in a runtime environment. In the case the database is compromised, your credentials are secure.

Set up backurls

Ad Networks don’t buy 100% of your traffic. That’s why you need to set up backurls to avoid wasting any unsold traffic that has been returned from the ad networks. 

Copy your universal backurl from the section Ad Networks and set them up for every ad network that needs it. You can find information in the article on how to add backurl for your favorite ad network.

If you have any questions related to the second step, you can always contact our support.

Follow the tooltips when configuring the account. This helps you to understand what step is required to be completed.

Go to the next Step 3. Add campaigns and creatives.

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