1. In the first step, you need to add the website in "Website" menu.

Add one domain per line. If you forgot to add one of the websites, you can always add it later, by pressing the "Add website" button:

2. Set stream for your website.

Stream — a general category (Mainstream, Adult-all, Adult-gay, Adult-cartoons, Adult-transsexual). 

3. Choose spots for your websites by checking boxes at the bottom.
Spot — ad space on your site (popunder, banner, etc.). You can also add an additional ad spot even after your website is already added. By just pressing the "Add Spot" button. This way you can have different ad spots with the different stream types!

4. Click "Add" button to save your websites and spots.

5. Verify your website:

6. Choose one of three possible options for confirming ownership of the site:

1) Through file - if you have ftp access to the root directory of your website it’s the fastest way to verify your website.
2) Through meta tag - if you don’t have ftp access to the root directory, you may add meta-tag to your website template.
3) Through TXT record of your DNS - If your website uses CloudFlare protection use this method of verification

7. Click on the button "Verify"
8. After verifying the site, you will see a change in the status of your site to “Verified”.

If you have any questions related to the first step, you can always contact our support.

Follow the tooltips when configuring the account. This helps you to understand what step is required to be completed.

Go to the next Step 2. Link Ad Networks Accounts.

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