AdSpyglass it's a Smart Supply Side Platform (smartSSP).

AdSpyglass for publishers:

  • It allows working with many ad networks simultaneously.

  • All Ad networks will be in a smart rotation on your website.

  • We combine RTB networks, regular CPM networks and your own ads in one loop.

  • Work with dozens of Ad networks with just one account.

You should use AdSpyglass if:

  • You want to try many Ad networks and find the best solution for your traffic. Just add all Ad networks you want to try to AdSpyglass platform and we will find the best option.

  • If your traffic has low uniqueness. AdSpyglass will spread your raws to the different ad networks.

  • You need an advanced tool to manage your ads and detailed statistics.

  • You want to mix your own ads with Ad network's ads.

  • You want to maximize profit from your traffic/website.

How to start: Register an account here.

AdSpyglass for DSPs/Ad networks:

  • It allows getting tons of traffic from our publishers (mainstream and adult).

  • It allows buying traffic you need.

  • Integration via XML feed or API.

  • We accept popunders, banners, pre-rolls.

You can try AdSpyglass if you:

  • Need more traffic for your advertisers

  • Don't want to spend time on searching and supporting publishers

  • Buy only narrow segment of traffic

How to start: Send us a request by filling the form.

AdSpyglass for direct advertisers:

  • Unfortunately, we don't work with direct buyers at the moment. If you want to buy traffic from our publishers register in one of the ad networks from our list here (contact us via chat or leave a ticket and we will recommend you the best Ad network for your offers).

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