Step 4. Get codes

How to install codes to the website

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Before your account is completely configured, you need to perform the last action - Place the AdSpyglass codes on your website.

  1. Go to Websites section.

  2. Expand spots of the website by clicking on its name

  3. Find a spot which you want to place on your website and click 'Get codes'

Make sure that you have removed old codes from your website! Codes from ad networks will conflict with AdSpyglass codes.

4. Copy code and install it in the "body" of your website. Read Installation instructions at the left of the code. It may vary for the different ad types.

5. Repeat this process for all your spots.

6. Check your activity

After the codes were placed on your website correctly, you will see the current activity on the dashboard:

7. That's all! 💰Now you can relax and enjoy how your income is increasing day by day!

Keep in mind as well, that the full optimization will need some time to kick in, so give our algorithms time to do its magic.

Detailed reports will be available the next day within the Reports section. You may check our article describing AdSpyglass reports in detail.

We collect the final data for your traffic and income once a day at 8 AM GMT.  Ad networks generate their reports at different times, so the final numbers for your traffic and income can be done at this time. All the numbers that you see before 8 AM GMT are not accurate, and usually less than the final traffic and income numbers.

Statistics in the dashboard are displayed in the UTC +0 time zone.

Here is more info about placing codes

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