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How to setup anti adblock in AdSpyglass

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Our anti AdBlock solution allows our popunder to pass through almost all ad blocks.

You can set up many antiadblock domains at the same time.
It means that you can update your antiadblock domain without losing your traffic while the SSL certificate is generating or use a few domains at the same time if needed.

To set it up you will need a new domain or subdomain. Follow steps in 'Anti Adblock' section:

After the CNAME was created we will automatically create free SSL certificate for it, you just need to wait approximately 1,5 hour. Once SSL certificate is created you will be notified by email.

Click to verify button and if it's verified you may go to Websites and get new popunder codes for you website.

CloudFlare setup example :

  1. Go to the CloudFlare panel:

  2. Select the desired domain

3. Go to the tab with DNS records settings:

4. Click the "Add Record" button

Choose type select - "CNAME"
Name - subdomain that we want to create or main domain name
Target - our work domain

Make sure you don't use stopwords in "Name" these words already can be in the Adblockers lists. Here are an example "ads. asg. ad."

5. Save your settings.

Done, we set up our domain!

Now we should go to the AdSpyglass panel, where we need to add this subdomain (with the domain) to our Anti Adblock field and click "Save".:

Congratulations, we set up our anti Adblock!

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