Creative is an object that contains all the data for visually rendering the ad itself. It can be a code or a link. AdSpyglass supports 6 types of creatives: popunder, direct link, banner, instant messenger, push notification, in-video (VAST, videoslider).

To configure showing of advertisements in the spots that you created, please follow the steps:

1. Choose “Ad Mediation” tab

Here we can see our advertising campaigns - that is what will be displayed in each created ad spot.

Now we need to create campaigns and upload in AdSpyglass's creatives - links or ad network codes that will display ads on your site.

2. Create your first campaign

Click on "Add campaign" button:

Choose a stream and an ad type of this campaign. For example, let's create adult popunder campaign:

Click on "Save" button.

Now we need to add creatives. We can do this in 2 ways: automatically and manually. Both options may be useful, since not all ad networks support automatic import creatives from their panels.

Auto Import Creatives.

3. Click on the “Import creatives from Ad Networks” button.

4. Click "+" to expand creatives.

5.  If the left panel is empty, click on ‘refresh’ icon. 

All zones for the linked ad networks should be displayed automatically. If your zone doesn’t appear after that, make sure it was added to ad network’s panel and verified. If it doesn’t solve the problem, contact our support team.

6. Drag and drop creatives from the left panel to the proper campaign in the right one.

On the left panel you can see a list of all linked ad networks and their ad zones. Click on the ad network name to see all available zones. On the right panel is a list of advertising campaigns created in Adspyglass. Drag and drop zones you need into your campaigns.

Zones and Campaigns ad types must be same, popunder zones to popunder campaigns and so on.

7. When you finish to drag and drop, click "Verify import" button.

8. Wait when creatives will be created. If it has status ‘done’  click on the button “Finish import”.

Manual creatives import.

Please note that some ad networks don’t support automatic import of zones. For example, banners import is supported only by Exoclick. In this case, you will have to add zones links and codes manualy.

9. Click on "Add creative" button in suitable Adspyglass campaign.

10. Select the desired ad network in source dropdown.

11. Click "Import from Ad Network" button.

12. Select creative.

13. Click "Next" button.

14. Click "Save" button.

Follow the tooltips when configuring the account. This helps you to understand what step is required to be completed.

If you have any questions related to the third step, you can always contact our support.

Go to the next Step 4. Get codes.

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