AdSpyglass is a hub for all your ads. It organizes them, rotate them on your website, show stat for them and etc. I other words AdSpyglass manages all things regarding advertisement and earnings for your website.
In this article, I explain how to create campaigns and import creatives from ad networks or add your own ads.

Creatives. All ads in Adspyglass we call 'creatives', it can be banner code or direct link or VAST link and etc.
At the moment we support 7 creatives ad types:

  • Banner (code)
  • Popunder (direct link)
  • Interstitial (direct link)
  • In-page push
  • In-video (VAST link)
  • Slider (Vast link)
  • Instant messenger (js code)

Campaign - it's a set of rules for your creatives, like GEO targeting, visibility filters and etc. All these settings you will find in settings for each campaign

Here we go!

1. Creating campaigns

Ad mediation section is home for campaigns and creatives.

When you adding spot first time Adspyglass automatically creates a campaign for it.
So when you come to /ad mediation you will see some campaigns already are on the list.

Fallback. The first campaign in the list is Fallback. Created automatically for every AdSpyglass account and uses it for selling unsold traffic. We recommend adding some of your own websites as creatives to this campaign. This traffic will feed your other websites.

Let's add your first campaign. As I said, you probably already have some on the list but I'll show you how to create a new one manually.

Click on [ + Add campaign ] button:

Fill in the opened form and save.
Campaign name - give a name to your campaign. We recommend to call campaigns smart - short and clear, like popunder campaign for mobile devices might have a name 'pu_mob'. Later you will see it reports and it will help you to find what you want easier.

Stream - Select stream for your campaign (Adult/Mainstream). Stream will be used to match spots on your websites and suitable creatives. E.g. Creatives from adult campaigns will be shown only in adult spots.

Ad types - In my example I'm adding popunder campaign so you see ad type = popunder on my screenshot.

Spots - Here you will be able to choose spots this campaign's creatives will be shown on. In my case, the campaign will be suitable for all Mainstream popunder spots on all my websites.

There are a lot of Advanced settings like GEO targeting and etc. If you are an advanced user of AdSpyglass you will easily find you are looking for, if you are not so familiar yet, I recommend don't change them ;)

2. Adding creatives

Okey, your first campaign was created:

Let's add your first creative to it.

Click on [ + Add creative ] button in your campaign (see screenshot above).

You have to options: Import creative from the linked Ad network or add your own creative (for example open in popunder your own websites).
I will show how to import creative from Ad network because it's the most used case and the whole idea of AdSpyglass is to manage creatives from ad networks.

In my example, I'm importing popunder creative for TrafficShop (I've linked my TrafficShop account on a previous step)

Ad network - click on breakdown list and find Ad network you want to import creative from. Only linked Ad networks will be shown in the list. (If you don't see your network link its account first in /Ad networks section).

Some ad networks support creative importing some not. In my case, TrafficShop supports importing popunder creatives.

So the only I need to do is to press on [ Import from Ad network ] button and select TrafficShop popunder zone which I want to use for this creative.

After that Zone_id and Link URL will be filled automatically:

That's it! Scroll down the page and save your first creative.

If an ad network doesn't support auto importing you will see the message

It's not a problem, it just means that you will have to add Zone_id and a Link URL manually.

Have a look to the button right corner of your screen, here you will find a manual for your case.

I was trying to import popunder from Clickadu Ad network. It doesn't support auto importing so AdSpyglass send me a help message:

In most cases manual importing takes a couple more minutes of your time.

I really hope that my article helped you with adding campaigns and importing creatives. If you still have questions about adding campaigns/creatives contact me on chat.

!!! Adding creatives is the pre-final step of setting your account. So once I've added your creatives place AdSpyglass ad code to your website.

Read here how to get codes.

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