What is BackURL?

Ad Networks don’t buy 100% of your traffic. That’s why you need to set up backurls to avoid wasting any unsold traffic that has been returned from the ad networks. 

How to set it up?

Copy your universal backurl from the section 'Ad Networks', you can find it in the footer of the page.

Where to set backURL up?

Set it up for every ad network that needs it:

  • AdCash: may be set in AdCash panel manually;

  • AdsTerra: make request for your AdsTerra support manager;

  • Clickadu: make request for your Clickadu support manager;

  • Clickaine: backurl is created automatically;

  • Ero-Advertising: insert copied backurl to the field ‘Return URL Speedclicks’ in Ero-Advertising webmaster's panel;

  • ExoClick: insert copied backurl to the field ‘Return URL’ in ExoClick admin panel;

  • FPCTraffic: insert copied backurl to the section ‘Dasboard’ in FPCTraffic admin panel;

  • HilltopAds: backurl is created automatically;

  • JuicyAds: insert copied backurl to the field ‘Return URL’ in JuicyAds admin panel;

  • PropellerAds: make request for your PropellerAds support manager;

  • RoyalAds: insert copied backurl to the ad zones section in the ad network admin panel;

  • TrafficForce: insert copied backurl to the ad zones section in the ad network admin panel;

  • TrafficShop: backurl is created automatically;

  • TrafficStars: choose 'Manage ad spots' in ad network webmaster panel, go to 'Ad spots list' and Edit popunder spot which you use in AdSpyglass. Fill 'Alternative URL' field with backurl

How to check your returned traffic in reports?

In our reports, you can check the returned traffic for each ad network. Go to Reports section. Select Ad Type "Popunder" or "Direct link", choose period, group by "ad network", then click "Update report" button.

You will see returned traffic from each ad networks in "Returned" column:

Pro tip:
Look at the "Discrepancy" column.
Discrepancy = Ad networks impressions / (Impressions - returned)
Discrepancy shows how many of your traffic an ad network lost. The less discrepancy the better.
If the discrepancy is high (15% or more), check if backURL set correctly.
We have all tools to find a problem, please contact us on chat if need help in analysis.

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