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Currently, AdSpyglass is compatible with JuicyAds for popunder ads only.

Other ad formats like banners are not yet supported.

  1. If you don’t have an account, you can register on JuicyAds.com

2. Add your website.

3. Navigate to 'My Account' settings and generate a new API Key.

4. Enter your login, password, and API key in the 'My Ad Networks' panel on AdSpyglass.

  • You should add your websites in AdSpyglass My Websites panel, if you haven’t added them yet.

5. You should already have at least one campaign set up in the 'Campaigns' section of the AdSpyglass webmaster panel.

Next, click the 'Import Creatives' button. Then, add creatives to your campaign by selecting the appropriate 'Ad Zone'.

6. Click the large green button labeled 'Import Zone ID,' and your information will be uploaded. After that, click 'Save'.

7. The creative will then be displayed in your campaign.

8. Unfortunately, JuicyAds doesn’t provide us with CPM for banners with breakdown by countries, so we can’t sort them out.

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