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Easy-follow import Popunder, Video, Banner, IM, In-Page Push, Interstitial creatives guide

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Step 1: Register an account and add your WebSite with TrafficStars. Once you have it approved, add your ad spots:

Step 2: Go ahead and copy the ad spot LinkURL or Code to paste it into the AdSpyglass platform next:

You will find tips on quick creatives import for Popunder, Video, Banner, IM, In-Page Push, Interstitial formats as well as BackURL setup below.

Popunder and Video ads

When importing Popunder and Video creatives, please copy Spot ID to place it into Zone ID (1); the Redirect link (with SubId and Categories parameters to improve your ads performance) into the Link URL line (2):

Please make sure to place our macros in place (3):

%KW% - Keywords from the website page

%SUB1% - Traffic source ID (Sub Id) from ad spot query parameter (s1; data-subid1) on the request. Learn more

⚠️Warning: Make sure that you have removed old popunder codes from your website! Ad Networks codes will conflict with AdSpyglass code.

Banner, Instant Message, and In-Page Push ads

When importing Banners, Instant Massage, and In-Page Push ads, please copy-paste the codes into a Code block and Spot Id into Zone Id lines respectively;


When importing Interstitial, you just need to transform TrafficStars code into Link URL to paste it into the AdSpyglass platform: copy Spot ID (1) from your Interstitial code and paste it into TrafficStars LinkURL (2): (2)

Once the link is ready, go ahead and copy-paste it into LinkURL and Spot Id into Zone Id lines within AdSpyglass import creatives form (3).


You will find your backurl link on the Ad Networks tab. Just scroll down and copy-paste it into the Alternative URL field within TrafficStars Manage Ad Spots panel:

Please feel free to reach out to our Support Team via Live Chat to get additional assistance if you face any difficulties.

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