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Easy-follow import Video, Banner, In-Page Push creatives guide

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Register an account with Adsterra. Once you have it approved, add your Website and ad spots (units):

Adsterra supports auto-import for Popunder creatives only at the moment. Please find below a detailed guide for manual import of Banner, In-Page Push, Video creatives.

Banners and In-Page Push (WebPush) ads

When importing Banner and In-Page Push creatives, please copy Placement ID to place it into Zone ID (1); the code into the Code tab (2):

You can also check the banner preview to make sure you copy-pasted the code correctly (3):

If you want to use more than one banner on a single page, prove it with your Adsterra Support Manager.

In-Video and Slider (Vast) ads

When importing In-Video and Slider creatives, please copy Placement ID to place it into Zone ID (1); the Vast link into the Link URL line (2):


As Ad Networks do not buy 100% of your traffic, you should set up backurls to avoid wasting any unsold traffic that has been returned from Ad Networks. Copy your universal backurl from the Ad Networks section and send a request to your Adsterra Support Manager to set it up at their side.

Please feel free to reach out to our Support Team via Live Chat to get additional assistance if you face any difficulties.

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