1. If you don’t have an account, register it in ad network TrafficBroker.

2. Add your site.

3. Copy BackURL, you can find it AdSpyglass webmaster panel. You will insert in ‘Return URL’ later.

4. Create ad zone, follow standard settings:

5. Make sure that you’ve created ad zone as in the example above.

6. Add your login and password in AdSpyglass webmaster panel.

7. You should add your websites in AdSpyglass webmaster panel, if you haven’t added them yet.

8. You need to import your zone into the campaign "pu_adult". For that in the section ‘Campaigns’ press the button ‘Import creatives from Ad Networks’ and add creatives (‘Ad zone’) to your campaign.

P.S. Please, follow the Guide in AdSpyglass webmaster panel. Here you can always find step-by-step personal recommendations for successful setup of your ASG account.

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