If you are new to Clickadu, this 11 step guide will show you how to set up an account on Clickadu ad network: registration, adding websites, domain's verification, zones, and backurl setup.

  1. If you don’t have an account, register it in ad network Clickadu. Choose registration for Publishers.

2. Add your site.

3. Verify your site: copy HTML code and insert it after tag on your site. After this push the button ‘Prove ownership’ in Clickadu webmaster panel.

4. You will receive email with options to get js-code from your Clickadu support manager. You don’t need it. Ask him to create one ad zone

Also, ask your manager to send you a direct link and id. Clickadu manager will do it for you.

5. Set up backurl. Ad Networks don’t buy 100% of your traffic. That’s why you need to set up backurls to avoid wasting any unsold traffic that has been returned from the ad networks. Copy your universal backurl from the section ‘Ad Networks’ and make a request for your Clickadu support manager.

6. Copy API key in Clickadu webmaster panel.

7. Add login and API key in AdSpyglass webmaster panel.

8. You should add your websites in AdSpyglass webmaster panel, if you haven’t added them yet.

9. You have one campaign "pu_adult" in AdSpyglass webmaster panel in section ‘Campaigns’

Copy the direct link and insert it into the creative. Instead of ‘Zone ID’ you should use numbers from your direct links.

10. Add spots codes to a website

1) Go to the tab ‘Get codes’. Select a site and take a code

Warning! Make sure that you have removed old popunder codes from your website! Codes from ad networks will conflict with AdSpyglass code.

2) Insert the code in section of your webpage the higher the better. If you want to use your own popunder script, take a direct link below form.

3) Repeat steps from 1 to 3 for each of yours sites.

11. If everything was done correctly you will see ‘current activity’ on your ‘Dashboards’ section.

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