To add a creative to a campaign, go to the campaigns page and click ‘Add creative’ button.

Then choose a network from which you want to add creative, fill Zone ID and the code fields (get it on ad network panel after creating ad zone). 

Or Link Url instead. Then click the save button at the bottom and that's all!

Ad Network – selecting ad network from the list
Creative name – a name of the creative
Zone ID – identifier for creative in selected ad network
Import from Ad Network – importing creative settings. A popup dialog will display list of available zones. Select the necessary one and all fields will be filled automatically.
Link URL – direct URL from ad network for popunders. If you use link URL, it improves productivity of the creative!
Code – creative code provided by an ad network
Frequency Capping – how often a user will see this creative (always 0 for banners)

Direct advertiser or partner network

If you sell traffic to a direct advertiser or another partner network, leave the ‘Ad Network’ and ‘Zone ID’ fields empty. Fill in ‘Code’ or ‘Link url’ fields manually and add your fix CPM in "Flat rate".

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