To add a spot, go to the 'My Websites' section in your dashboard and click the ‘Add spot’ button.

Website – choose your websites
Name – name of the spot
Stream – general category (mainstream, adult_all, adult_gay, adult_cartoons or adult_transsexual)
Ad Type – type of creatives (banners, popunders, IM, in-video (VAST), direct link, Push Notifications, slider)
Size – size of the banners (only for banner creatives)
Test percentage – amount of traffic (in percent) that will be sent to ad networks to determine the actual purchase price. For large and medium websites, the recommended value is 5-10%. For websites with low traffic, the recommended value is 15-20%
Onloop – Setting this option on, means that once all the available creatives have been shown, they will be shown again in a loop, beginning with the first one. It works great with banners, but for popunders we recommend to turn it off. Ad networks buy only unique clicks, so for popunders, this will decrease website productivity
Auto refresh – used to update creatives periodically without page refresh (only for banner creatives). This interval is set in seconds
Aggressive feeds – allows aggressive ads for popunders (RTB only) by default is true
Min CPM – this option shows popunder only when your traffic costs more than this value. Please pay your attention that it works when you use our code only

CPM factor - CPM multiplier to be used to give a priority or otherwise to Imported creative vs Marketplace creatives. Does not work to prioritize imported creatives among themselves or vs direct advertisers from Traforama DSP.

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