To add your own advertiser you need to follow these steps:

Create a special campaign in the ad mediation section and choose the filters and spot that you need for it.

1. DIsable or enable campaign.
2. Campaign Name - set the name of your new campaign
3. Stream - choose a stream type (adult-all, mainstream, etc.), has to be the same as
on the spots
4. Ad types - choose an ad type for which you want to create this campaign
5. Size - Choose a size of the banner (should be the same as on the spot)
6. Spots - here you need to choose the particular spot for which this campaign will work, If you choose "Run campaign over the network" this will activate this campaign for every available spot
7. Show advanced settings.
8. Here you can set up the list of countries for which this campaign will work manually.
9. Technology - here you can choose different devices, browsers, connection types and platforms for which this campaign will work, if you choose PC, then this campaign will work only for PC users, and only they will see ads from this campaign.
10. Impression limits - here you can limit the number of impressions by date, per hour, per day, or total.
11. IP Targeting - enter the IP range for which this campaign will work.
12. Don't forget to save your campaign. :)

Make a creative with any name. Add a link to it.

Pay attention to the Flat Rate in your new creative (a flat rate of CPM – cost per 1000 impressions). If an ad network’s price for the ad is lower or the same as yours then the traffic will go to the direct advertiser. If the ad network’s price is higher, the ad network will get the traffic.

That's all, now you will see new creatives in your campaign, which means that it is ready for work, and you can place codes on your website to start advertising.

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