To create a campaign manually, go to the Ad mediation and press Add Campaign button.

Then adjust the settings of your new campaign.

Don't forget to save settings after you finish.

Campaign Name – name of the campaign
Stream – general category (mainstream, gay, toons, trans or non-adult)
Ad Type – type of creatives (banners, popunders, etc.)
Size – size of the banner (only for banner creatives)
Spots – uncheck RON checkbox to see a list of available spots and choose the necessary spots for campaign. If you keep RON checkbox on, creatives will be displayed in all spots with matching stream, type, and size
Show / hide advanced settings – show / hide targeting settings

There are a variety of targeting settings that you can adjust for every single campaign:

  • by country
  • by device
  • by connection type
  • by browser
  • by operating system
  • by limits (dates of beginning and ending of the campaign)
  • IP targeting
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