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Easy-follow Banner, In-Video, Slider, Popunder, and In-Page Push import creatives guide

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Step 1: Register an account and add your WebSite with Clickaine

Step 2: Add your site and verify it. Choose ad formats you will run with Clickaine so that they will automatically create ad zones for you

Or, create one ad zone, following the standard settings:


As Ad Networks do not buy 100% of your traffic, you should set up backurls to avoid wasting any unsold traffic that has been returned from Ad Networks. Copy your universal backurl from the Ad Networks section and paste it into the Unsold URL line when creating New AdZone:

Step 3: Link your personal Clickaine account to AdSpyglass. Copy-paste API key into Link Clickaine account form within your AdSpyglass dashboard:

Clickaine supports creatives auto-import for Banner, In-Video, Slider, Popunder, and In-Page Push ads.

⚠️Unfortunately, you cannot import Interstitial creative as Clickaine doesn't support Link Url format to run the ads at the moment.

Then, press

That's it! Scroll down the page and save your first creative.

Please feel free to reach out to our Support Team via Live Chat to get additional assistance if you face any difficulties.

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