1. If you don’t have an account, register it in ad network TrafficForce .

2. Add your site.

3. Copy ‘BackURL’ in AdSpyglass webmaster panel.

4. Create two ad zones, follow standard settings: pu_mob and pu_desk. Add previously copied BackURL.

5. Make sure that you’ve created two ad zones as in the example above. Save them, you will use them later.

6. Take two direct links and id in TrafficForce webmaster panel. Save them, you will use them later.

7. Generate API key.

8. Add login and API key in AdSpyglass webmaster panel.

9. You should add your websites in AdSpyglass webmaster panel, if you haven’t added them yet.

10. You should already have two campaigns in AdSpyglass webmaster panel in section ‘Campaigns’

11. Make creatives for each of two campaigns.

12. Copy the direct link and insert it into the creative.

13. Add creatives to each campaign.

To create Banners make following steps:

2.1. When you create ad zone – choose ‘Banner’.

2.2. Insert all your parameters:

2.2. Add alternative banner code in case of TrafficForce will not have ads for this GEO.
We always use Exoclick as an alternative (because Exoclick always has 100% fill rate).
So before adding Exoclick network you need to create a special banner in Exoclick and add it in the special campaign in AdSpyglass system to see complete statistic.

2.3.1 Create a banner in Exoclick.

2.2.2 Choose parameters.

2.2.3 Create a campaign in AdSpyglass system and add Exoclick creative here.

2.3.4 Add in ‘Channel content in case if there is no appropriate ads’ Exoclick code.

2.4. After that in section ‘Campaigns’ in AdSpyglass webmaster panel press the button ‘Import creatives from Ad Networks’ and add creatives (‘Ad zones’) to your banner campaigns.

P.S. Please, follow the Guide in AdSpyglass webmaster panel. Here you can always find step-by-step personal recommendations for successful setup of your ASG account.

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