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How to adjust popunder settings

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To adjust the popunder behavior setting, click on the pencil button at the right from spot name (see pic below):

Ad configs

In the left panel is a general popunder setting, in the right panel additional settings for custom targets.

Default config

Bind to: parameter sets in which CSS classes will trigger a pop. For example, website element class: .class or id: #myvideo. You can type a few and split with coma: .class,.class2,#video. For a class type such as class="btn btn-danger", replace space with a point: .btn.btn-danger to add to the line. Open up webmaster tools (F12) and point to the element on your website to trigger the popunder. You will see the class name or element id on the right:

Ignore to: parameter sets which CSS classes will be ignored to trigger a pop (the same examples as above)

Popunder kind: Choose from popunder, popup, tabunder, or tab up.

Pop width / Pop height: Size of popup window (works for popup only)

Pop position: Position of a popup window

Skip first N clicks: before pop will be exposed

Delay: Set up the number of seconds from the page load during which the popunder should not be fired. The countdown restarts every time user navigates or refreshes the page.

Multiple popunders: series setting. Here you may set multiple pops and intervals between them.

Wait for page navigation for next portion: if turned on, the visitor will see the next portion of popunders only after navigation, if Global Frequency Capping expired. For example, you need a popunder to be loaded 1-time per page load/update. Thus, you need to do the following setting: Frequency Capping: 0; Sub frequency capping: 0; Wait for page navigation for next portion: turn on.

Trigger this ad before other ads: check this if you want this ad to trigger before other ads that can be shown when clicking matching elements.

Expose creative id: check this if you want to see which creative has just been shown by tabunder. Its id will be added to the url of the tab with your website (alongside asgtbndr=1).

Targeted configs

Targeted configs: In the example above, Firefox visitors will see only one popunder instead of 2 popups which will be triggered by clicking everywhere on the site. You may add as many as you need for any combination of device/browser/country.

General settings

Frequency Capping - the time gap in which popunder will be showed. (in seconds) 1:24 (86400) means that you will show one popunder every 24hrs.

Sub frequency capping - the number of creatives that will be shown within one capping period. It's set to 1 ad launch by default. If you set it to 2-3-4..., this will mean how many ads will be shown in a row (for each page update), so that 1 click results in 1 popunder, next page update - click and ad launch as a result. If you set it to 0 - popunder will be shown constantly (taking into account the total capping).

Test percentage - traffic percentage going to untargeting consumers.

Onloop: show suitable creatives on infinity loop.

Min CPM: don't show ads with CPM lower than "Min CPM".

Analyse each of: analyse each of N request in average. Ex.: 100 means 1 request per 100 (1%), 200 - 0,5%, 1000 - 0,1%, etc...

Disable analyser: analyser script will never be displayed (only for pops and direct ads).

Marketplace settings

Marketplace settings are for users with SSP Marketplace enabled.

Vertical settings: block the specific traffic types.

Info for advertisers: choose execution pages for the ads and text the comment for advertisers if needed.

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