To adjust the popunder behavior setting, click on the pencil button at the right from spot name (see pic below):

Frequency Capping - the time gap in which popunder will be showed. (in seconds) 1:24 (86400) means that you will show one popunder every 24hrs.

Sub frequency capping - the number of creatives that will be shown within one capping period. It's set to 1 ad launch by default. If you set it to 2-3-4..., this will mean how many ads will be shown in a row (for each page update), so that 1 click results in 1 popunder, next page update - click and ad launch as a result. If you set it to 0 - popunder will be shown constantly (taking into account the total capping).

In the left panel is a general popunder setting, in the right panel additional settings for custom targets.

Default config

  1. Bind to: parameter sets in which CSS classes will trigger a pop.
  2. Ignore to: parameter sets which CSS classes will be ignored to trigger a pop
  3. Popunder kind: Choose from popunder, popup, tabunder, or tab up.
  4. Pop width / Pop height: Size of popup window (works for popup only)
  5. Pop position: Position of a popup window
  6. Skip first N clicks: before pop will be exposed
  7. Multiple popunders: series setting. Here you may set multiple pops and intervals between them.
  8. Targeted configs: In the example above, Firefox visitors will see only one popunder instead of 2 popups which will be triggered by clicking everywhere on the site. You may add as many as you need for any combination of device/browser/country.
  9. Wait for page navigation for next portion: if turned on, the visitor will see the next portion of popunders only after navigation, if Global Frequency Capping expired. For example, you need a popunder to be loaded 1-time per page load/update. Thus, you need to do the following setting: Frequency Capping: 0; Sub frequency capping: 0; Wait for page navigation for next portion: turn on.

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