Our player is made to play video ads over your regular video player. The most of the modern players doesn't support ads in basic and you have to buy 'pro' version for each domain and pay even monthly.
With AdSpyglass Vast/VPAID Player you may install any free video player on your website to show video content and use AdSpyglass overlay player for the ads.

Main benefits:

  • Doesn't require any coding. Just insert player tag in the website's  template and do all settings from webmaster panel.

  • Reports. Ads requests and impressions in real time. Now you have alternative statistic. Ad networks will not 'shave' your hits any more. 

  • Support VAST/VPAID tags from all well known ad networks. No other players can do this!

  • Rotates ads from multiple ad networks

  • Smart rotation of ads from ad networks, automatically find the most profitable ad network for each of your visitors (paid version of the service)

Main features:

  • Works on Desktop & mobile

  • Supports VAST 2, 3 & 4, VPAID 1 & 2 and VMAP 1.0.1

  • Autoplay on/off

  • Skip time setting

  • Can work as out-stream video ads or as a slider in the corner of the screen


  • Add website to AdSpyglass

  • Create 'in-video' spot for your website.

  • Add some in-video(VAST) creatives in Ad campaign section

  • Get code and place it over the video player on your website

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