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AdSpyglass platform pricing options

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Let's look onto the Pricing section represented at AdSpyglass Homepage and explore the meaning of each plan to help you make the right choice.

Revshare Plan: The Most Common Choice

If you're new to AdSpyglass, you'll likely start with our Revshare Plan, the most commonly chosen option among our users. This plan takes 10% of your daily ad impressions to cover service costs. With zero upfront fees, it's a hassle-free way to get started. Plus, switching to another plan later is smooth and straightforward.

Pay As You Go: The Flexible Option

The Pay As You Go plan is popular for its flexibility. Add funds to your AdSpyglass account through a regular top-up or use earnings from the AdSpyglass Marketplace. Fees are charged based on your ad impression volume, making it easy to manage your spending. If you decide to switch plans, the transition is seamless.

Reminder: If you run out of funds, you'll be automatically switched to the Revshare plan. It will ensure that your ads will be active and rotating 24/7.

Post-Paid: For Trusted Partners

The Post-Paid plan is an exclusive option available only to trusted users with a proven track record. With this plan, you pay 10% of your earned income, billed monthly. It's a convenient way to manage your costs, aligning them directly with your revenue. Should you choose to switch plans, the transition is smooth and hassle-free.

Enterprise: Custom Solutions for Webmasters with Large Websites

The Enterprise plan is designed for webmasters who own large websites with unique monetization needs. AdSpyglass experts will assess your website's requirements and create a customized pricing model. This plan is ideal for webmasters seeking a tailored approach to ad monetization.

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