AdSpyglass allows you to work with several Ad Networks at the same time. It is also a consolidated place for obtaining all statistics and reports about the performance of your traffic.

Moreover, AdSpyglass helps you manage with different Ad Networks' codes, scripts, and ad formats without editing your source code - just using your AdSpyglass account.

And as you know, you've access to the whole bunch of super-handy features like ASG Popunder Solution and enhanced Anti-Adblock script.

But, what is the price for using AdSpyglass?

(spoiler: It's fair and friendly for all webmasters)

Let's look onto the Pricing section represented at AdSpyglass Homepage:

Let's explore in detail the meaning of each plan to ease your decision.

Free Trial Period

Every new user of AdSpyglass is allowed to use the platform for free during the 7-day trial period. In case you've joined the system using a referral link, your free-of-charge term is extended to 14 days.

You're welcome to test the AdSpyglass mediation system without paying anything. After the end of the trial, you'll be switched to a default plan.

Summary: Your first seven days (14 days if you've used referral link) are free. Feel free to get acquainted with all the features and conduct initial configuration.

Revshare Plan

As soon as you're finished with your free trial period, you'll be switched to the plan by default.

In terms of the Revshare plan, you're not obligated to pay anything (at least in money equivalent). But, the AdSpyglass system will randomly take 10% of your daily hits.

It is a comfortable way to create your impression of the platform without any income loss. (Reminder: AdSpyglass can double your income - so you won't lose any single cent even after taking ten percent of your hits)

Although this plan can be considered a "starter" one, you don't have any limitations with the amount of traffic or ad formats. Revshare is an unlimited option!

Let's summarize: That is your default option after the end of the trial period. According to Revshare, AdSpyglass will collect 10% of your daily hits. You don't have any limits, and you're not obligated to pay anything in money equivalent.

AdSpyglass Infinite (aka Pay-as-you-Go)

If you feel like you'll benefit more from using the post-paid option - this plan is perfect for you.

As soon as we see successful track records related to your websites and traffic, you're allowed to request switching to AdSpyglass Infinite.

The main advantage of the option is the post-payment feature associated with your income. It means that we'll gather ten percent of your monthly profit after the money is earned.

So, you have absolutely 0 risks with dealing in that way. It is a real win-win situation, and it is impossible to experience any financial losses here.

Overall: As we see your successful performance, you can switch to the post-paid model. You'll pay ten percent of your monthly income from already-earned funds.

AdSpyglass Enterprise

The custom pricing option is called AdSpyglass Enterprise. In case you're dealing with huge websites and large amounts of traffic, we can offer a custom plan.

We realize that ten percent of the income or hits can be expensive for the owners of prominent websites. If you find yourself in a situation where you have a lot of traffic, but previous options are not working for, feel free to request a custom plan. Our experts will assess your website again and suggest an individually-shaped option for you.

Conclusion: For those website owners whose traffic amount is extremely huge (100$ income \day and more), we offer custom-shaped pricing plans that will be designed just for your needs.

So, despite the size and quality of your web-traffic - we have what to offer. AdSpyglass mediation system is the most loyal platform for all webmasters. We are always willing to cooperate and attract new partners.

Reach out to us, and we'll find a perfect solution for you.

Remember: Everything is negotiable.

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