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Popunder solution by AdSpyglass
Popunder solution by AdSpyglass

How does ASG popunder work, what is the difference to another popunder scripts?

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What can I do with ASG popunder?

With ASG popunder solution you can:

  • avoid google’s penalty

  • reduce bounce rate

  • customize popunder behaviour

What benefits will I get?

The most important benefits are:

  • No need to update your pounder code, this is SAS;

  • Doesn't require coding: change all settings directly from our panel;

  • Works in all browsers;

  • Real-time statistic: we count Impressions, Clicks, CTR, CPM and even Income from all your ads;

  • Reliable support on live chat.

How can I customize ASG popunder?

  • 4 popunder methods: popup, tabup, tabunder, popunder;

  • Triggers: on click on the whole page, on click on specific CSS elements or ignore CSS elements to pop;

  • Popunder series and patterns: it’s easy to set multiple popunders for an unique visitor with different delays and amounts. Will be useful for video hostings and fileshare resources;

  • Targeting: set different popunder behaviors for each browser, device and geo.

How can I use ASG popunder?

For instance:

  • you can configure pop opening on click on the rewind in the player

  • by click on the preview thumbs or on the menu items

  • skip first N clicks before trigger pop

  • set popup window position and its size

  • bypass all AdBlocks

What is the price of ASG popunder solution?

It's free for all AdSpyglass users:)

Want to know more?

How setup ASG popunder
How to tune popunder behaviour

If you'd like to know more, chat to us on chat :)

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