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How can I disable offensive advertising content for my site?

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We made sure that you have the opportunity to disable aggressive advertising and work only with appropriate advertisers if you work with AdSpyglass SSP Marketplace.

To do so, you need to:

  • go to the Websites tab (on the left in the vertical menu). Find your site and ad spot, then click on the Edit button:

  • go down the page, expand the advanced settings of the spot and uncheck the box "Aggressive feeds":

Done! The settings are configured and offensive feeds are disabled. Don't forget to save your spot settings.

⚠️ Please remember that this option is only available for SSP Marketplace campaigns.

As per your personal Ad Networks' ads

In case you receive any alert from a website visitor or see the ad yourself, please get in touch with our Support Team via Live Chat and share all the details you have so we would make our best to identify the origin of the issue:

  • install Redirect Path Chrome extension to check for the creative that loaded the ad and what Ad Netowork does it come from. Once done, you'll be able to disable the creative or contact the network to disable the owner of this offer on their side:

  • otherwise, make sure to provide us with the following data: time, Time Zone, website, ad format, ad spot, IP, browser, etc. With this info, we will be able to disable the creative that loaded the problematic ad or get in touch with the Ad Network to disable the buyer on their side.

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