Quality advertising content is a very important point. The type of advertising content affects various behavioral factors your users, as well as directly to your earnings. 

Therefore, we made sure that you had the opportunity to disable aggressive advertising and work only with appropriate advertisers if you work with AdSpyglass Ad networks.

For pop-under ads you can set it up in advanced spot settings.

To do this, you need to go to the "Websites" tab (on the left in the vertical menu).
Find your site and pop-under spot, then click on "Edit" button:

Go down the page, expand the advanced settings of the spot and uncheck the box "Aggressive feeds":

Done! The settings are configured and offensive feeds are disabled.
Don't forget to save your spot settings.

Please remember that this option is only available for pop-under campaigns in AdSpyglass Ad networks.

if you want to disable invasive ads on other advertising formats like banners, VAST, IM, etc., then you should contact your ad network manager with a request.

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