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Block traffic by source
Block traffic by source

Definition of various sources to block

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At Adspyglass, we've got a predefined setting for all major Ad Networks integrated, but please check these settings for accepted traffic types with your Ad Network personal manager to avoid any complaints, discrepancies, or chargebacks.

You can block different traffic sources in your creative advanced settings.
What kind of sources you can block?

1. Block returned traffic. Adspyglass has a backurl option, which allows you to return users not accepted by the network for some issues listed below. Block returned traffic will send them to another creative.

2. Block Datacenter traffic. Detected by IP Address to originate in a data-center. Very likely to have come from a server rather than a laptop, smartphone, tablet or other device. Usually non-human.

3. Block noref traffic means that the origin of the user is unknown. It can be either bookmarks or suspicious traffic of unknown source. With the Ad code installed on the site, ref will always be the domain of your website.

4. Block nocookie traffic. Users or non-human traffic with no cookie support in browser.

5. Block WebView traffic. Browser bundled inside of a mobile application producing what is called a hybrid app. Usually called "in-app".

6. Block nonunique traffic means that only unique visitors are allowed to view this creative.

7. Block proxy types (VPN TOR DCH PUB WEB). Different types of proxies, anonymous browsers, etc.

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