We have a special solution for the Slider ad format. We've created a unique player which you can use as a slider or any out-stream ad type.

  1. To start you need to add your website here and choose "VAST (Slider)":

2. After that, go to "ad networks" tab and link your ad networks accounts.
For this type we recommend adding adsterra, clickaine, exoclick, trafficstars, hilltopads... Also, you can add any of your own direct offer(s)

3. Your next step would be to add creatives (ad zones)  of ad networks. Click on the button "add creative"

3.1 Fill in these fields (please, pay attention that you should have the Vast zones created in ad networks:

Ad Network – selecting ad network from the list
Name – a name of the creative
Zone ID – identifier for creative in the ad network
Import from Ad Network – importing creative settings. A popup dialog will display the list of available zones. Select the necessary one and all the fields will be filled automatically.
Link url – direct URL from ad network for Slider

4. Go to "get codes" tab and take our codes and insert in tag body of your site(s):

Possible parameters:

  • spotUrl - VAST url
  • width - Player width in pixels or percentages, e.g. 360 or 20%
  • height - Player height
  • autoplay - Play ad automatically after load? (true / false)
  • autoplayDelay - Delay before autoplay in seconds
  • afterCallback - Callback will run when video finishes, or if there was no ads
  • position - bottom-left

Other parameters you will find in spot settings (just click on the "edit" button)

  • Frequency Capping - how often users will see this ad
  • Skip offset - write a number of seconds you'd like to pass till the close button appears
  • Close at bottom - the special option to follow Google requirements. When you choose this option your slider will be hidden when scrolling to a footer of your site.
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