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Customise elements to trigger popunder. Popunder on click on the 'forward button' of the video player

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It is no secret that Google is not particularly fond of clickunder advertising. Hence, there are some useful tips on how to set up popunder behavior on your website. For instance, we can adjust popunder so it will be triggered only by users clicking on the fast forward button of the video player.

Let's try it! The first thing you have to do is to determine the CSS class for the control bar element. To do so, open the developer console by pressing F12 at the keyboard.

Then press Select an element in the pageto inspect it

Click on the control bar of the video player.

The HTML code of the active element will be shown in the developer console.

Copy the class of the element.

Then edit the popunder’s spot via AdSpyglass.

To do so, go to the Get codes.
Choose the spot and click on the Edit icon.

Paste the copied class into the  Bind to  field. 

Done! Now the popunder will only be triggered by users clicking on the rewind button.

Likewise, it is also possible to set up popunder to be triggered by any other element on the website’s page. Or even several elements, just make a comma-separated list as shown in the screenshot below:

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