You can easily adjust popunder’s behavior for various devices, browsers, and countries. The thing is popunder works differently with different devices and even different browsers. If you want to make your ad campaign user-friendly, make an effort to do these adjustments. It will also help you to efficiently monetize traffic from some particular countries or devices.

For example, let’s set up different popunder campaign for two browsers. Let’s make it popunder for Firefox and tabunder for Chrome. 

At the Get codes page choose the spot and click on the Edit icon. 

Then press Add Targeted Config 

Choose the browser: FireFox.

Choose the popunder kind: Popunder.

To add another configuration (to set up popunder type for Chrome) click Add Targeted Config one more time.

Choose Browser - Chrome, Popunder kind - Tabunder.

Don't forget to save all the changes by clicking the Save button.

Done! Firefox users will now see a Popunder and Chrome users - the Tabunder. 

Just like that, you can set up different pops for different devices, browsers and countries.

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