Now you can limit your traffic by time, by impressions per hour / per day / total.

To do so, go to Ad campaigns page and either choose a current ad campaign or create the new one. Click on the Edit button.

Click “Show/hide advanced settings” button at the page bottom.

The Limits section allow you to limit your traffic: 

  • By date. Let’s say you’ve arranged to sell your traffic to some direct buyer during one week. You can choose the start and end date here.

  • By impressions per hour. For instance, if you want to send 10 000 of hits to another website per hour.  

  • By impressions per day. For instance, if you’ve sold 1 000 000 of hits per day to some advertiser. 

  • By total impressions.

Don't forget to save all the changes once you are finished with these settings!

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