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Add your Ad Network to AdSpyglass

How an Ad Network can be integrated with AdSpyglass service

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Buying traffic from direct publishers became available for everyone via a new platform by AdSpyglass - Traforama.

Traforama is an advanced self-service RTB platform.

It means that everyone can buy direct traffic from AdSpyglass webmasters via XML/JSON feeds.

There are no restrictions regarding traffic volumes or targeting.

Traforama provides even the smallest agencies and niche ad networks with the ability to buy high-end traffic.

Distinctive features of Traforama

  • All major integration types supported - including XML feeds, JSON feeds, and Open RTB endpoints

  • No need to wait for an account manager to implement White or Block lists by spots, domains, or countries. It is possible to manage traffic sources in any of our advanced filters all by yourself at any time.

  • Flexible targeting. You can easily combine lots of geo-filters such as countries, regions, cities, and languages to maximize your ads performance.

How to start using Traforama?

  1. Register at Traforama.

  2. Activate your account via email

  3. Create your campaign if you'd like to buy traffic as an advertisers

  4. Reach out to the support team or use the live chat in the Traforama account to request integration. (

Important Notes

Currently, Traforama supports only these types of integrations:

  • XML feed

  • JSON feed

  • OpenRTB endpoints

The only pricing model that is available at the time is CPM. We don't work with CPA or CPC.

Reach out to support team if you have any additional questions:

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