AdSpyglass is an ad management system and an ad networks mediation service. We help our publishers to effectively manage advertising campaigns on their websites by selling traffic to ad networks and direct advertisers.

There are two options how to integrate ad network with AdSpyglass:

1. API integration:
This option implies that publishers work via their own accounts. For integration, we require an API to get statistics. See AdSpyglass API Requirements.

2. XML/JSON/OpenRTB integration
This option implies that there is a single account for AdSpyglass and all our publishers will get sub_ids.
For this option, we also require API to get actual statistics. 

To get started, please fill out these 2 forms:
General information about your ad network, ad formats and your contact information

Once you've filled your general information please create an account in your network for, create feeds and add them:

We will send some test traffic to your feeds and set reporting API. Ones it's done your network will be added to the list of our partners and you will participate in bidding for our publisher's traffic.

Write us to in case of any integration questions.

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