We have developed a completely new solution. It increases income, has Google friendly settings, and increases the behavioral characteristics of website visitors.

It is time to update your popunder code, if you want to earn more!

To get more features and and options for fine-tuning, you need:

  1. Make sure you have configured Anti AdBlock. If no, follow the Anti AdBlock setup guide.

  2. Go to the "Get codes" section

  3. Click on the "Get code" button next to your popunder spot:

4. Find the old popunder code and delete it. In order not to delete the wrong code, check that the popunder spot ID is indicated in the old code.

5. Copy and paste new popunder code as the first item into the <body> of every webpage you want to trigger a popunder.

Then setup popunder behavior settings.
And read the "Google-friendly popunder settings example" article.

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