Case 1 of moving from a single ad network to AdSpyglass

It's a real case of using AdSpyglass on an adult tube site

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Initial data:
Website: adult tube site
Daily website traffic: 80k
Ad type: tabunder
Tabunder impressions: 60k

With one well-known ad network (before AdSpyglass):
Paid daily traffic: 22k
CPM: $0,54
Daily Income: $12

With AdSpyglass:
Paid daily traffic: 41k
CPM: $0.61
Daily Income: $25

Before using AdSpyglass, this publisher was working at a flat rate with one single ad network. CPM = $0.54 for all countries, but CPM doesn’t buy groceries, you need cash!

Have a look at the screenshot below, as we can see daily income has been raised from ~$12/day to $25+/day.

Here is a detailed statistic for the traffic with a breakdown by date.

Have a look at 'Ad network impressions' Ad Network counted ~22k/day, but the real traffic was 41k/day.

With AdSpyglass the publisher's CPM went up to $0.61, and +50% more traffic was counted, and his income has raised from $12 to $25.
It's taken 1 day to adjust all the settings (sometimes it may take up to one week) but even on this 'tunning day' his income was bigger than with the one ad network.

Why has it happened?
All ad networks fight for the CPMs because it's the only metric they can use for engaging publishers. 

CPM = (Income / hits) * 1000

There are 2 possible ways to increase CPM: 

  1. Increase income - the best way for a publisher is to find good paying advertisers for the whole traffic. But it's very hard to make it real. (the way of AdSpyglass)

  2. Decrease hits - it's the favorite trick of all ad networks. That's why they offer you juicy fix/flat rates. If you don't have alternative statistics, you will never know your real rate! As we can see in this case, the real CPM was not $0.54, it was just ($12 / 41k hits) * 1000 = $0.29

Don't allow them to confuse you! Use an alternative statistic tracker, and you will know the actual ad impressions amount. Earn much more MONEY (not CPM) with multiple ad networks, and control your real CPM and real traffic.

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