Here you can find all the benefits of our slider.

Firstly you need to create a slider spot if you don't have one. For this go to the "Website" section and press "Add spot" button.

Сhoose a website, set the name of your new spot, select stream type, and finally select the slider ad format. Don't forget to press "Save" when everything is done.

Your next step is to link ad networks if you still didn't do that. If you did, then you can skip this part. Go to the "Ad networks" tab and link at least 1 network (we recommend to link 3 or more ad networks for better performance and higher fill rate) that support the VAST ad format. Here is more information about how and why you need to do this.

After you finished with linking ad networks, you will have to create VAST ad zones in these networks one zone in each network, and then get the VAST link in your ad network admin panel or request the network manager for it. This is required for the next step.

Now, when all your VAST links are ready you will need to create a new campaign and import creative for your slider campaign.
Just go to "Ad mediation" tab, and press "Add campaign" button.

Then make basic settings of your campaign as shown below. Set a name, choose stream type (must be the same as on the spot), choose ad type, and connect your campaign to the needed slider spot (if leave "Run campaign over network" then this campaign will affect all suitable spots). This way 1 campaign can work for a few different spots.

Now when your campaign is ready, you can fill it with creatives, for this press "Add creative" button in front of your campaign.

And manually create the creative. Choose a creative name, Ad network from which you got your link, Zone ID (take this from your ad network panel, where your VAST ad zone created), and the Link URL. Don't forget to save.

When you finish with importing creatives, you can go back to the “Website” tab and get the code for your slider spot and place it on your website.

If everything is correct, you will see the activity in your dashboard panel and "hits" on your creatives in the campaign.

Furthermore, you can change your slider settings right in the spot "edit" section, from right to the spot.

Possible parameters.

Frequency Capping - how often users will see this ad.
Autoplay Delay - delay before autoplay in seconds.
Skip button text - the text to display the countdown during an ad.
Close button text - the text after the countdown is finished to let the user close the ad.
Skip Offset (sec) - a number of seconds you'd like to pass till the close button appears.
Close at bottom - the special option to follow Google requirements. When you choose this option, your slider will hide when scrolling to a footer of your site.
Enable VPAID - is an interactive ad format that takes control over the ad, some spot settings might not work correctly, but usually, ad networks pay higher CPM for this format.
Pause on click - pause ad after a click on an ad.

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