How to set up In-page Push ads

In this article, you will learn how to set up in-page push

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Here's a step by step guide and a brief overview of the best practices of setting up the In-Page Push ad format using AdSpyglass.

1. Create 'In-Page Push' spot

To start you will need to add the website if you still didn't do that and check the in-page push box, also choose a stream type.

If you already have added website then will you need to open the "website" tab and press "Add spot" button

  1. Website - choose on which website you want to add the spot.

  2.  Spot name - the name of your future spot.

  3.  Stream - the type of stream that you will have. (mainstream, adult-all etc.)

  4.  Ad type - the type of ad that you want to add in your website (in-page push in our case)

  5. Save - don't forget to save settings

2. Create In-Page Push campaign

In the Ad mediation section, click on [+ Add campaign] button

Make initial settings for your campaign. The stream must be the same as for the spot you have created before. Ad type: In-Page Push.
In the Spots breakdown list, select 'Only specific spots' and find your spot. If you want to run this campaign in all suitable In-Page Push spots select 'Run campaign over the network'.

3. Add In-Page Push creatives to the campaign

When your campaign is ready click on [ + Add creatives ] button at the right of your campaign.

Give it a name and select Ad network you want to import creative from.

If your Ad network list is empty, Link Ad network accounts first. Read an article: How to link Ad network accounts

You just need to copy-paste Zone Id and In-Page Push code:

We cannot control the position, styling, and behavior of script In Page Push creatives. Please, set the desired behavior in your ad network's admin area.

If you don't know how to get Zone_id and/or Code from Ad network panel. Find the manual in our knowledge base using a search in the chat widget. All creatives have a similar way to get imported, so if you don't find instruction for your case use any other manual for your ad network.

If you have SSP Marketplace enabled for your account, open the "SSP marketplace" tab and turn on the networks for the in-page push to make it work.

4. Get your In-Page Push ads live

You can get the code and place it on your website. For this open "website" or "get codes" sections and press the "get code" button in front of your in-page push spot.

You can also change the settings of your in-page push. For this click to the "Edit" button in front of your ad spot.

That is all. If you face any problems with setting it up or just any other questions you can always ask us through the messenger on the website, or via email.

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