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Interstitial is a full-screen overlay ad, which can be a suitable replacement of popunder to escape Google restriction.
At the moment, two networks are support interstitials it's TrafficStars and TwinRed.

To start using the interstitial. You will need to add the website, interstitial ad spot, link listed networks to your account, and get codes for interstitial from them after what you can place code on your website. 

Let's get started.

At the "website" section, press the "Add spot" button. 

Choose a website for which you want to add this spot, choose interstitial as an ad type, type the name of your spot and choose a stream type after then you can save your settings and move to the next step.

Move to the "Ad networks" section to link needed ad networks. TwinRed and TrafficStars are supporting interstitials at the moment. The list will be growing.

Your next step is to create a campaign for your interstitial spot. For this, go to the "Ad mediation" section and press the "Add campaign" button. Here is the manual about how to create a campaign.

Give the name to your campaign, choose the same stream type as on the spot (adult-all if your spot stream is also adult-all). Choose ad type - interstitials. And choose spots (for which spots this campaign will work). Don't forget to save.

After your campaign created and ready to use, you will need to add creatives to it manually. For this, find your campaign in the list of all available campaigns and press the green "add creative" button right in front of it.

Then fill all the fields as on the example below.
Zone ID and Link URL - these you can get from the ad networks panel after creating interstitial ad zones.

Now go back to the "Website" or "Get codes" section and get the code in front of your interstitial spot to place it on your website.

If everything is correct, then you will see the activity on your dashboard and green dot in front of your interstitial ad spot.

Furthermore, you can change your interstitial settings right in the spot "edit" section, from right to the spot.

Frequency Capping - How often users will see this ad.
Bind to - CSS selector of links that trigger the interstitial. By default, any click will trigger an ad show.
Ignore to - CSS selector of links that ignores the ad show.
Countdown - The number of seconds that will redirect the user to a clicked link if the ad not closed manually.
Title - The text that will be shown above interstitial.
Close button text - Close button text that will be shown on larger screens.
Small button text - Close button text that will be shown on smaller screens.

Skip first N clicks - Skip this amount of clicks on the elements matched by the other rules before opening interstitial.

Response timeout - The number of seconds to wait for ad network response before auto-closing interstitial.

Trigger this ad before other ads - Check this box if you want this ad to trigger before other ads that can be shown when clicking matching elements.

Delay - Set a timeout Delay for the Interstitial ad to be shown after the page load:

Expected event - event for the Intertitial ad to be shown:

Combine Delay + pageLoad for the best performance and alternative to Popunder ads to bring new experience and better conversions as a result. Main page placements show great results!


If you’re already using our popunder or IM script: edit the data-spots attribute of the script tag of our code on your webpage. Add interstitial spot id, separated with a comma without spaces. For example, if you already have:

 <!-- Ads Managed by -->

<script type="text/javascript" src="//" data-spots="12345" data-tag="asg"></script>

Code on your page, and want to show Interstitial there, add Interstitial spot Id (110 for example) to data-spots attribute. The correct code will be:

<!-- Ads Managed by -->

<script type="text/javascript" src="//" data-spots="12345,110" data-tag="asg"></script>

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