To link your Squren account to AdSpyglass, open the "Ad Networks" tab. Then click the "Link" button and introduce your Squren Login and Password into the form:

Sguren supports Banner, Popup, Direct, In-video, and Slider ad formats. Thus, you may create corresponding ad zones within the Squren dashboard and import them to AdSpyglass to add them to the rotation.

As Squren does not support creatives auto-import at the moment, please make sure to copy-paste Ad Zone ID and its Link/Code into AdSpyglass creative form. To do so:

  • find your Site Id (site view section/browse line) first as shown below:

  • then, copy find Ad Zone ID and its Link/Code

  • paste Site Id/Zone Id into Zone ID line and Link/Code into the corresponding link within the AdSpyglass creative form:

Please get in touch with us on Live Chat if you have any questions or need assistance to link your Squren account with us.

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