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How to import banner ads from AdCash to AdSpyglass
How to import banner ads from AdCash to AdSpyglass

Step by step manual for importing AdCash banner ads

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!!! - be sure your ad-block is OFF. AdCash panel may work incorrectly with ad-blocks.

AdCash API doesn't support auto-import. If you want to import banner ads you may easily make it manually.
You need to know two things: banner code and zone_id.
Go to AdCash panel, find your website in 'Zones' section, see the screenshot below:

You will see a list of your websites and ad zones, scroll down to your website and find your banner zone:

If you have added banner zone before you will see it in the list, just click on '+' and you will see banner settings and code:
If you haven't added banner yet, click on 'Add a new Zone' and create new banner zone. Read 'How to create a new banner zone at AdCash'

Copy and paste banner code and Zone_id in AdSpyglass:

Leave all other fields as it was and click save button at the bottom of page:

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