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How to run ads on adult websites in the most productive way
How to run ads on adult websites in the most productive way

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This tutorial will be useful for high-quality adult sites owners.

Go mobile

It depends on your website audience, but part of mobile visitors can be up to 50% and even more of the total amount visits.
The mobile and desktop look of your website is radically different, that's why ads profiles should be also different.

  • Banner in the header. The best size for it is 300x100. Place it under the logo of the website on every page. Such banner usually works very well and gives me CPM = $0.5-0.1 and a lot of visible impressions (that's why it has so high CPM)

  • In-page push. It slides over the content and looks like a native browser push notification, but it is a banner. It also generates a good income and is pretty friendly for visitors. CPM might be similar to the header banner,

  • Interstitial. The most expensive Google-friendly ad format. But don't set it on every click, 1-2 interstitials per 1 visitor session is more than enough.

  • Mobile slider. Small video player that slides over content in the footer. CPM = $0.1-0.3.

    Pro tip: On the video (content) page place ads before the video block.

Different ads profiles for different traffic sources

If you buy traffic, create a more aggressive ads profile for this traffic. You have to get more money from this traffic to cover your expenses. But don't break the rules of your traffic sources.
Don't set aggressive ads profile for 'free' traffic, like bookmarks, organic traffic from the search. You don't need to earn a lot from this traffic to stay profitable. But it might 'say thank you' for the ads less website and visit back your site again tomorrow.

Pro tip: Know how much you spent and earn from each traffic source. It will help you to stay profitable and buy more and more traffic.

Hire ads expert

If you own a high-quality adult website our experts may create a strategy for your website monetization. You are pro in website production and generating traffic we are the best in ads management and monetization.

Let's do our best! Make a request in chat.

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