Here's a step by step guide and a brief overview of the best practices of setting up the VAST ad format using AdSpyglass.

1. Create 'in-video' spot

In the Website section click on [ + Add spot ] button.

In the form choose a website, enter the name for a new spot, select stream type, and Ad type: In-video (VAST Link URL). Save it!

2. Create In-video(VAST) campaign

In the Ad mediation section click on [+ Add campaign] button

Make initial settings for your campaign. Stream must be the same as for the spot you have created before. Ad type: In-video (VAST Link URL).
In the Spots breakdown list select 'Only specific spots' and find your spot. If you want to run this campaign in all suitable In-video spots select 'Run campaign over the network'.

3. Add in-video(VAST) creatives to the campaign

When your campaign is ready click on [ + Add creatives ] button at the right from your campaign.

Give it a name and select Ad network you want to import creative from.

If your Ad network list is empty Link Ad network accounts first. Read an article: How to link Ad network accounts

Some ad networks don't support automated import, so I explain how to add it manually. You will need to get Zone_id and VAST Link URL. Go to Ad network publishers panel find them and insert them to the form.

If you don't know how to get Zone_id and/or VAST URL from Ad network panel. Find the manual in our knowledge base using a search in chat widget. All creatives have similar way to get imported, so if you don't find instruction for your case use any other manual for your ad network.

4. Get your in-video ads live

Go back to the Website section and get your smart VAST link URL

Take it and insert it into your video player setup. If you don't know how to setup VAST ads in your player read your player manual or contact player developer.

We recommend using our overlay player code.

Tune and place code to your website template (see installation instructions at the left from the code, also check our examples out)

If you use AdSpyglass overlay player code you can do adjustments in the settings.

List of parameters:

Frequency Capping - how often users will see this ad. (Article about Frequency capping)

Autoplay - set autoplay

Autoplay Delay - delay before autoplay in seconds.

Skip button text - the text to display the countdown during an ad.

Close button text - the text after the countdown is finished to let the user close the ad.

Skip Offset (sec) - the amount of time in seconds you'd like to pass till the close button appears.

Show times - the amount of ads in a sequence you want to play.

Enable VPAID - is an interactive ad format that takes control over the ad. If enabled, Ad network will be able to have full control over your player. However, CPM is usually higher when enabled.

Pause on click - pause ad after the user clicks on it.

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