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Why my ads don't work?
Why my ads don't work?

Most common reasons why your ads might not work

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Firstly, it's important to note that AdSpyglass is not an ad network; rather, it's an ads management tool, ad server, and ad rotator. Therefore, the initial step in getting your ads to work is to import ads to work with.

If you are experiencing issues with your ads not performing as expected this can manifest in two ways: either you don't see any activity on your dashboard or you see activity, but the ads are not appearing on your website:

  • If you're not seeing any activity on your dashboard, the reason is likely incorrect code setup. Ensure that you have correctly embedded the ad codes on your website by checking the installation instructions for your spot.

  • On the other hand, if you're seeing activity but the ads are not appearing on your website, there could be two reasons. Firstly, ad networks may not have any ads available for your specific GEO or device, in which case, you should click on your Spot ID and examine the real-time activity to confirm this.

  • Another reason could be the use of an ad-blocker. Make sure it's turned off and that you can see the ads. You may also want to consider setting up AntiAdBlock.

Also, we recommend adding some popunder creatives to the fallback campaign to increase the likelihood of your ads appearing

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