First of all, AdSpyglass is not an Ad network. It doesn't have any ads inside.
AdSpyglass is an ads management tool, ad server, ad rotator. So, the first thing you have to do is to import ads to work with. It could be creatives from linked ad networks or your own ads. Before placing codes on your website be sure you see some creatives in your Ad mediation section (as on the screenshot below):

Reason 1: No ads to show

One of the frequent reasons for non-working ads - is missing suitable creatives for your spot creatives from them:

How to check:

Find the problem spot in websites list and click on Spot ID:

You will see the list of suitable creatives for your spot. If there are no creatives on the list add or Import creatives first. Read How to import creatives.
You've added campaigns and creatives but don't see them on the list?
Go to the 'Ad mediation' section, find your campaign, and check if it's on for your spot. If not then set it On:

Also check Stream, Ad Type, and Size. They should match the spot's ones.

Reason 2: Incorrect codes setup

If some ads are listed in the spots suitable creatives, make sure, you've placed codes correctly.

See the Installation instruction for your spot:

Reason 3: Ad networks don't have ads for your GEO/Device/...

If the reason 1 or 2 isn't your case. Probably your ads working well but Ad networks don't have any ads exactly for you.
Click on Spot_ID (same as you did in reason 1) and have a look at real-time activity. If you see a graph - it means your ads work well.

Reason 4: AdBlock

First of all, turn off your ad-block and make sure you see the ad.
Setup AntiAdBlock. How to setup Anti AdBlock

These 4 reasons should cover 100% of cases why your ads don't work. If you find the 5th one, please let us know.

Also, we recommend adding some popunder creatives to the fallback campaign:

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