Here's a story about the webmaster. Meet, this is John.

John makes a living by running his own website.

But, as it usually happens, everything is not what it should be.

Just like many other webmasters, John has been struggling with a problem:

He doesn't know how to generate money from his website effectively.

Webmaster and publisher John is trying to find the best Ad Network

That's why John is constantly searching for the most profitable Ad Network.

  • Some of the networks have higher CPM;

  • Others provide John with a 100% fill rate;

  • Others count more of John's impressions as paid.

But, there are no perfect networks. The only way to find a better ad vendor is to test them all the time.

Site owner John is working with CPM adult and mainstream traffic is looking for better Ad Network to increase income

However, this is a time-consuming affair:

  1. John has to change ad tags from one ad network to another.

  2. Then wait at least 24 hours.

  3. Check the income.

  4. And compare it to the previous Ad Network.

And, as you can guess, this process is driving John insane.

He wishes there was a way to see the benefits of each network simultaneously.

And, his friend recommends him a solution, and John finally discovers AdSpyglass.

With AdSpyglass, John can add all of his networks and instantly see who offers the best deal.

All calculations are done on the fly, and AdSpyglass will automatically switch traffic to the most profitable network.

The results of Ad Management and Ad mediation system AdSpyglass are much better than traditional Ad Networks.

John simply has to look at the bottom line to see its income skyrocket.

Finally, webmasters get three huge advantages:

  1. Income boost up to two times (2x) automatically;

  2. There's no need to change ad tags directly on your website template.

    You manage all your ads such as Network ads, your own ads, or anything else, directly via AdSpyglass admin panel.

    It helps avoid mistakes while you edit your website's template and saves your time even more if you have numerous sites;

  3. You can view detailed statistics for all your ad inventory and AdSpyglass' reports.
    Finally, you will have a complete overview of how your sites earn.

AdSpyglass – Making Ads Management a breeze!

Watch a video about webmaster John:

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