Banner Ads

Banner Ad is the oldest Ad Format among all existing types of advertisements. (The first banner appeared in 1994!)

It was commonly used way too earlier than Popunder or Popup ads.

And, to keep things official, we’ll tell you what banner advertising stands for... briefly.

A banner ad is an image of a particular size and definition that contains a promoted URL.

That’s it!

Let’s move to the AdSpyglass DSP interface to dig into the process of setting the campaign up.

Configuration of Banner Campaign

1. Tap the “Campaigns” section and go to the “Campaign list” page.

Then, press on the “Add Campaign” button.

2. After typing your campaign name and choosing the stream, expand the “Ad Types” dropdown and select “Banner”.

3. The next step should be the choice of the appropriate banner size. To pick up the needed definition, you need to expand the dropdown and tick a suitable option.

Reminder: Following banner sizes are available for you. It may be helpful for you while drafting the campaign!

  • 300x250
  • 300x100
  • 728x90
  • 468x60
  • 120x90
  • 250x250

PLEASE NOTE: AdSpyglass DSP supports Image banners only.

4. After that, you’re welcome to proceed with your campaign settings as usual and press “Save”.

5. After the campaign is created, you need to click ” Add Creative”.

6. Then, choose a clear creative name and insert the link you’re going to promote to the “Link URL”.

7. At the “Image” field, click on the “Select file” and choose the appropriate picture from your computer.

8.Set all other parameters in accordance with your needs and hit Save.

Voila! Your banner campaign is ready to go!

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