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How to add own creatives?
How to add own creatives?

A tutorial for publishers on how to add your own creatives to your AdSpyglass campaigns.

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With AdSpyGalss you can easily add your own creatives to rotation along with creatives from Ad Networks and prioritize them.

There might be various reasons why you'd want to add your creatives to the rotation: to add an ad code that doesn't come from an ad network, to add a direct ad, or to cover the empty space when the ad networks have no relevant ads for a visitor.

For now, it is possible to add any creative format to your ad campaign except in-page push. Thus, Banners, Popunders, in-video, Slider, and Interstitial can potentially be added to your ad campaign.

Your popunder, interstitial, slider, or in-video must be added as a link that leads to the ad itself. And a Banner creative must be added as a code.
Here is an example of a Popunder creative import. You can import other formats the same way.

As you can see on the screenshot above, all you need to do is add a Link URL to your campaign setup and name it. After that, please scroll a little and point a Flat rate.

If your Flat rate is "fair", the creative will rotate along with other creatives in the campaign (it will compete with other creatives based on the CPM).

If you need your own creative to be prioritized and shown every unique user of your site, you should set a relevantly higher Flat rate, as shown on the screenshot above.

You may also point Flat rate for particular GEO ("Prices by country" on the screenshot below), but mind that "Flat rate" parameter has the main priority over "Prices by country" ones.

Once done, go ahead and save your settings to have your creative successfully added and ready for use:

* In case you added own creatives but didn't pointed Flat rates, our system sends some of your traffic (up to 10%) to this offers to check the CPM rates. As long as AdSpyglass gets no answer about CPM rates (if talking about own offers), these creatives goes out of rotation. So then all your traffic which is sold with own offers is just test traffic our system sells to find out the bids for auction.

We hope that this article was helpful. If you have any suggestions or questions, let us know in the support chat.

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