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How to use the sub_id parameter
How to use the sub_id parameter

How to use the sub_id parameter and increase profit

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When purchasing traffic from various sources, it's crucial to assign a unique SUB_ID to each source. This practice allows you to track profits on a per-traffic-source basis and enables our algorithms to utilize this parameter to enhance ad performance.

It's important to note that the ad networks you're using must support the sub_id. At present, all major ad networks support sub_ids, but they should be in a numerical format, like 12345678.

For example, if you're sourcing traffic from traffic providers such as ad networks or tube site aggregators, your website URL should be formatted as follows:

However, not all ad networks support sub_ids for all ad formats. Here's a breakdown of some ad networks and their sub_id support:

  1. ExoClick, Trafficstars, Twinred, Clickadu: These networks support sub_ids across all ad formats.

  2. Adsterra, Hilltop, Clickaine, Monetag, Trafficshop: These networks support sub_ids only for popunders.

Remember to use sub_ids in a numerical format, like 12345678, when configuring your campaigns.

If you need additional assistance, please contact our Support Team in LiveChat or Telegram.

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