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Your first steps with Adspyglass
Your first steps with Adspyglass

Configure your AdSpyglass account to start earning more - it's easy and fast!

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Here's your complete guide to making your first steps with AdSpyglass a breeze! We're here to make sure you have the best possible start with our platform.

Step 1: Add your websites

To begin, it is important to select the most relevant ad stream for your website. Enter the website's domain and then add common placements such as pop-unders, banners, etc. We have selected Video Pre-roll and Video Overlay for in-stream ads.
You can add additional websites and spots later.

Step 2. Import creatives

You are not required to integrate all your ad networks and include various creatives at this step. Start by implementing just a single one. We shall analyze your traffic and provide insights to help you set up more effective ads and maximize your website income.

Subsequently, you can add more ad networks and creatives. We advise adding three to five ad networks so that the algorithm can better optimize the performance.

Step 3: Set your ads live.

You may take ad codes for each of your spots in 'My Websites' section:

Once your codes have been inserted into your website, please monitor the dashboard for real-time activities.

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