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How to use a mass-import feature in AdSpyglass.

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The mass-import feature allows you to import creatives from the ad networks automatically by just dragging and dropping zones from the left table (Brokers, domains, and zones) to the right table (Campaigns and creatives). To use this feature, go to the ad mediation tab, and click "import creatives from Ad Networks."

Inside you will see two tables.

  1. Brokers, domains, and zones - List of your linked ad networks accounts and available ad zones that you can import to your ad campaigns.

  2. Campaigns and creatives - List of your ad campaigns that should be filled with creatives.

To get creative from the left tablet to the right, just drag and drop the needed zone to the needed campaign. For example: if you want to add a new popunder zone to your popunder campaign, then you need to find networks where you created this zone and drag it to the popunder campaign that you should have created.


If the ad network that you linked to us doesen't appears in the list of brokers, this means that this network doesen't support an auto-import feature, and creatives from this network should be added manually.

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