More details here The Ultimate Guide to the AdSpyglass Mediation System

👉 1. Add and verify your Website

We've disabled all other sections until you'll add your website to help you make your first move right. So, let's continue your configuration by pressing the
Please Note: It's strictly prohibited to pick up Mainstream if your traffic is mostly related to adult traffic. Although our experts are extremely friendly and kind, they will immediately ban your account if you choose the wrong Stream. (Don't turn our kitties into mountain lions 🐆)      As soon as you're confident about your type of stream, just pick up the option that suits you the best, and you're good. We'll choose the Adult-All for instance.
Verification of the website   Afterward, you'll be redirected to your

👉 2. Link your personal Ad Network accounts to AdSpyglass

First, we need to navigate to the

👉 3. Add campaigns and creatives

Auto-import of your Creatives

Then, press

Manual creatives import

To add creative manually, you need to hit

👉 4. Adding the AdSpyglass codes to your website

Navigate to the

👉 5. Analyse and Enjoying the significant growth of your profit

Please check The Ultimate Guide to the AdSpyglass Mediation System for more details but if you still have some questions, feel free to reach out to our experts. They'll love to help you! 😇

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